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This page is a listing of the best free things you can get off the internet.  I have picked Freestuff  that would be of interest to almost anyone. Everything on this page is free or close to it, however there is usually some sort of catch or condition. Beware of scams and always read the fine print. 

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NetZero FREE INTERNET ACCESS!! What's The Catch? You have to use their program to connect and then it loads up banner advertisements on your screen. There absolutely no charge for you!!! -- The somewhat annoying banner Ads pay for the service.
Virtual Avenue FREE DOMAIN HOSTING - This is one the better free Web host offers. you get 20 Megs of space , Your own CGI-BIN Directory!!!!!, Unlimited traffic, Plus they will do domain registration and transfer. --The catch is that your webpage has to display their banner or their Pop Up window.
Yahoo E-MAIL FREE EMAIL AND INSTANT MESSENGER - I think this is one of the best Web based e-mail providers. If it is used with yahoo's instant messenger, it becomes even more useful. The instant messenger not only lets you easily check your e-mail but also lets you track stocks , sports, news and weather .  It's definitely worth the download---> Download Yahoo! Messenger

GoToWorld  GET PAID TO SURF!!! Get paid 40 Cents an hour . You must use there browser to get paid, however their browser has a lot of cool features like a Web translator, an editor, a global messenger, and an MP3 player .  The banner adds really don't get in the way and are easily turned off.  -- You can make even more money by referring your friends to the service 


PALTalk FREE AUDIO INSTANT MESSENGER - Save on those Phone bills by not using the phone!!! This program makes it easy to talk to loved ones through you computer.All you need is a PC, a soundcard, a microphone and speakers.
BroadPoint - FreeWay FREE LONG DISTANCE CALLS - The catch is that you have to listen to a short advertisement - you get 2 minutes for each add you listen to. -- It may take  30 - 60 days before you can start using this service.
Free-PC - GET A FREE PC WITH INTERNET ACCESS - There is a long wait for this one. Many people have signed up for this and there only giving out so many computers per month. Make sure you read that fine print on this deal
- Part of the screen is devoted to advertisements
- You must fill out a lengthy form
- YOU must use Free-PC's Free Net access for at least 10 hours a month.
Treeloot - WIN UP TO $1000 Cash - Play this game over and over again. It can be a fun way to waste time!
FreeDrive - Free 20 Meg. Virtual Web Disk Drive - Free Subscribe - FreeDrive offers you a free, 20 Meg. virtual web disk drive to store, retrieve and share files from any location. For work or play, FreeDrive eliminates the juggling act between hard drives, floppies, zip drives and CD ROMs.
Star Office - FREE OFFICE SUITE - Download an Office suite. This program is compatible with Microsoft Office and has some cool features. It may take a while to download it's 62 Megs in size - FREE E-MAIL, STORAGE SPACE, AND MORE -Visto has  - everything you need to manage your daily activities on the Web. Email, Calendar, Address Book, 15MB of storage space for your files and photos, Tasks, Bookmarks, and  more
Fantasy Futures - The Internet Trading game - Win Prizes - Fantasy Futures is a stock market game where you compete head to head against other players to win Prizes !! And it's Free to join. Place bets on the stock market, Sports games, and entertainment events.
Free T-Shirt - Free T-Shirt  from the T-Shirt outlet   They have new T-Shirts coming in all the time and the offer never expires!




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